Paripurna Navasana

Conscious Grieving®
Mission: to provide people of all ages in grief and to those supporting people in grief conscious support services which utilize embodiment practices and embrace positive transformation.

Drawing on Grief
Workshops on grief and creativity.

Embracing Wisdom
Offering retreats on passionate sadness, "Living Through & Surviving Beyond the Death of a Life Partner".

Essential Oils
Mary Crimmins offers essential oils that support releasing grief.

Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing (GRASP)
For those who have lost loved one to substance abuse or addiction.

Healing Improv
For those looking for healing through improv and performance.


For patients and families facing life-threatening illness. 
Good information about bereavement.
 Based on my personal experience with Hospice, I recommend them highly.

Lisa Frank Mix Tape
Grief sucks. We're here to help with a special mix tape just for you.

Modern Loss
Candid conversations about grief by people in their 30's. Useful for everyone. Beginners welcome.

National Alliance for Grieving Children
For families of bereaved children and teens.

Our House
Mission: to provide the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope. 

Refuge in Grief
Offering support to people on all parts of the grief-path through practical tools, individual counseling and writing workshops.

Scholastic-Children & Grief
Bereavement resources for teachers and families.

Soaring Spirit Loss Foundation
Mission: to create, and maintain, innovative peer-based grief support programs that serve a worldwide population.

The Order of the Good Death
A group of funeral industry professionals, academics and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality. Interesting videos on Youtube.

An information and support resource for, and by, widows and widowers.

Bio Urns: Reintroducing the human being back into the natural cycle of life

Sacred Crossings: Bringing Funerals Home
Mission: to empower families and friends to reclaim the lost art and healing ritual of a home funeral.

A Fine Farewell: Changing the Way We Face Death
Custom created handmade burial and cremation shrouds.

Saint Joseph Woodworks Caskets
Simple cypress caskets made with prays by monks.

Natural Transitions Magazine 
Mission: to open the door to a cultural change in which death is embraced as a natural part of life.

One Legacy: Bridging Lives, One Legacy at a Time
Mission: to save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation, provide comfort for families and inspire communities to donate life.

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Donations fund workshops for those who lack sufficient means.

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