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We experience loss in many ways. Koren helped me so much after Evonne's passing. She is such a warm spirit and her Conscious Grieving® workshop is a wonderful opportunity for anyone experiencing loss of any kind. I recommend you give it a go, it's three hours of yoga and sharing that can help heal the broken hearted and help those in transition of any kind. Please share this information with your friends!
~Dianne Kleppinger, Non-Profit Consultant/Educator

I have studied Iyengar yoga with Koren intermitently for many years. I recently realized how beneficial Iyengar yoga is for the grieving process. I lost both my parents last year in quick succession and was devasted. I didn't want to get out of bed or do anything physical. I attended Koren's Conscious Grieving® workshop which incorported yoga with stratiegies for coping with grief and had an amazing exerience. It provided a turning point for me, I realized I was not alone in my grief. We all experience grief differently, but there are some common threads, too. I was given tools to process and communicate, as well as experiencing a lot of healing energy and great advice. I strongly recommend attending a Conscious Grieving® workshop to anyone experiencing a loss.
~Leslie Pollack, Chef/CEO Sublime Cuisine 

Koren's Conscious Grieving® workshop was a great opportunity for me to realize I was not alone and actually not doing so badly. That was what I needed after losing my family. And the most amazing part was that she created such a comfortable environment that everyone who attended the workshop had no choice but to open up and let things go. There was never any pressure. There was only peace and love. After the great yoga of letting go I went home singing in my car. It was an amazing experience! Thank you so much Koren.
~Young Park, Executive Director 

My eyes were opened today to the grieving process and I was encouraged to move through it gracefully and without shame. During the Conscious Grieving® workshop we learned from each other and were supported while we voiced our grief, sharing only what we wanted to share and listening to others. Koren taught us some yoga poses to help us feel more grounded and address our sadness, anxiety and other feelings. Although I am not finished grieving, I now have some great coping tool for my journey.

~Jacqueline Christie, Designer/Real Estate Investor 

Deeply grateful for Koren and her beautiful work of Conscious Grieving®. I was blessed to have been present for her workshop today and it was wonderful... and hard.... and sweet... and so needed, for all of us in the room.

~Siobhan Stofka, Mother/Student/Admin Assistant in Social Welfare

I wanted to take the time to thank you again for the Conscious Grieving® workshop. It definitely helped. Isn't it funny how sharing your emotions with total strangers can be cleansing to the soul? And Koren you were wonderful.

~Eric Lamonte Tew, NYC Human Resources Adminstration Acountant

Even after dealing with my grief for many years, I found this workshop to be very freeing. It was so wonderful to find myself in such an open and supportive environment. Thank you Koren for your work.

~Galen Fairbanks, Events Coordinator

I wasn't sure what to expect when I attended one of Koren's Conscious Grieving® workshops, but felt really fortunate to be able to be there.  It was so helpful!  I was really impressed with Koren's ability to lead, facilitate, teach, be present.  Her gentleness and understanding are amazing.  I was surprised by an almost immediate sense of community and support, which is not something I'd experienced prior.

~Rachel Kaplan, Social Science Researcher

My reasons for attending Koren's Conscious Grieving® workshop were twofold. In my professional life I deal with loss every day as a hospice social worker. In my personal life I have had my share of loss, the most recent being the death of my partner. Koren addresses loss from many angles and incorporates yoga poses as a healing practice. Her presence alone is a thoughtful and healing one and her dedication to sharing her knowledge shines through. I recommend this workshop as a social worker, a yogi and a person who has grown from the losses I have experienced. 
~Leslie Stampler, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Upon attending Koren's Conscious Grieving® workshop, I felt surrounded by love and acceptance.  The participants had recently lost a loved one, as had I. For some the loss was recent, for others the loss was decades old. Some people were there for an emotional loss instead of a death loss.  With Koren's guidance I was given the tools to process and accept my feelings and to not beat myself up for not "getting over it".  Koren's knowledge and personal experience was very helpful in the evolution of dealing with my loss.  I would highly recommend her Conscious Grieving® workshops for any kind of loss one is feeling. Previous yoga experience is not required.

~Wendy Alter, Casting Director


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