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Utthita Parsvakonasana

Saturday March 12, 2016
Conscious Grieving®: Using Yoga to Create New Beginnings
Yoga Works Montana 1426 Montana Ave, Santa Monica 90403
REGISTRATION: http://www.yogaworks.com

When first that beauty stole my love from me. My crying kept the neighbors up all night. But now my love has grown, my crying ceased. The fire that gets most air will smoke least. ~ Rumi

Surviving the loss or death of a loved one poses one of life’s most challenging situations. It is a uniquely personal and emotional journey many would rather not take. Yet when embarked upon consciously, intense growth and remarkable personal transformation are possible. At this workshop we will practice gentle grief specific yoga poses, which facilitate the process of letting go of loss and grief while honoring those who have left. Cultivating a compassionate and safe environment we will discuss coping with grief and loss in the spirit of initiating change and creating new beginnings.

Koren Paalman, MS is Iyengar certified at the Intermediate Junior III level and has been teaching yoga since 1995. Having survived the death of a loved one, she started her own consulting company, Conscious Grieving®, to be of service to people of all ages in grief and for those supporting people in grief. Her unique approach provides deep emotional support, strategies for acceptance and tools for letting go.  

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 The Good Grief
A short article about my Conscious Grieving® work: http://iyasc.org/publications/newsletter/good-grief#.U-JmuIBdVps
A lovely story about a man using his art to process the loss of his daughter. http://www.dailycamera.com/dailycameratopstories/ci_22153398/cu-boulder-grads-father-captures-spirit-missing-girl


Private Conscious Grieving® groups of any size are available at my home studio in Venice or at a location of your choice. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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